Research and development for refractory products and their applications

Tremag's management, as a strategic principle, is to embark upon (to satisfy) every requirement or any order no matter how big or small, easy or difficult.

          To comply with this principle Tremag has created a research and development department, who trained in the most competent and experienced people in the company staff .

          This department aims to research and innovative work to assimilate into production of new refractory products and rational use in their new areas of application and continuous improvement of current refractory products manufactured by Tremag.

          Value of the collective scientific and technical department allows rapid assimilation of the latest technological developments for refractory products demanded by domestic and foreign market, most often through the adoption of new solutions, patents, for the development of new products.

          Tremag has a pilot plant that can prepare any raw material in order to determine the final products in the pilot phase, absolutely mandatory stage before assimilating a new product.

          We also have the equipment necessary to carry out technological measurements, helping us to select the best solutions available.

          Tremag is available and able to carry out research and development for other companies wishing to approach specific topics. Also, we can collaborate with research institutions specialized or higher education, in the research for topics of broad interest.

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