Design and manufacture of molds

TREMAG Tulcea, through the Design and Engineering Department develops its own molds.

Starting from sorts-typo-dimensions bricks, which will enter into production, this department start to design all  the elements of a mold:

          - body molds;

          - punchers;

          - plates;

          - ensemble wear plates;

          - other assembly components.

When designing a mold they take into account the type of hydraulic press which will house the assembled mold.

Design phases are:

- Determination of surface pressure;

- Sizing the number of nests;

- Calculating the degree of filling, pressing force and pressure applied to the shaped bricks;

- Sizing of the mold components (upper and lower plates, nesting, upper and lower punchers);

- Placement mold determination;

  •      Determination of the necessary elements for the mold mounting in the press (puncher's footprint, motherboards, clips, screws, etc.).
  •      The actual design of the mold (drawing sketches and drawings of execution for each item separately) ;
  •      Overall execution drawings for the installation .

The execution of the molds can be made either entirely in our workshop or some of the pieces by other specialist companies.

There are cases when the complexity of the mold is very high and in this case, after Tremag's design, the molds are entirely manufactured by other companies with proper equipment .

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