Design and engineering for refractory linings

Tremag Tulcea is number one in the manufacture of refractory products in Romania, but also in designing innovative solutions for refractory linings of thermal aggregates.

For this purpose, Tremag, has a developed a Design and Engineering Department, with highly skilled and experienced specialists in designing and developing refractory linings .

This department, in close collaboration with the Technical department, develops refractory lining projects for any type of thermal aggregates.

Based on the dimensions of thermal aggregates to be lined and taking into account the specific conditions and stresses that are subjected to different areas of the refractory products, they create a project complete with all the required refractory and insulation products, all of them part of Tremag's portfolio.

When developing a project our experts are guided by the following principles :

- Making a refractory lining with a geometry which provides reinforcement areas required in an aggregate to balance wear, so that at the end of the operating campaign the unit wear should be uniform;

- A selective choice of type, sorts and sizes of refractory products to ensure a maximum endurance at an optimal price/quality ratio.

Our team is proud to have developed original solutions to create lining refractories from steel ladles LF to torpedo transport vacuum installations of steel, continuous casting of steel, lime industry kilns (Maertz type), etc.

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