Chemical and physical measurements for raw materials and refractory products

Tremag has the necessary equipment and specialized personnel, highly qualified to perform chemical analyzes and physical measurements on materials and refractory products .

            These measurements are performed both on raw materials and refractory products manufactured by Tremag, as well as services to other interested companies .

            Chemical laboratory has highly qualified chemists and laboratory personal that can perform chemical analysis, according to European regulations , both raw materials and refractory products .

            Determinations made on raw materials: silica, silica-alumina , superaluminous, alkaline, limestone, etc. .

            Determinations made on the following refractories :

  • Silica, silica-alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide burned or chemically bounded bricks;
  • Magnesite , magnesite-chrome, chrome-magnesite, magnesite-spinel, magnesite-phosteritic burned or chemically bound bricks;
  • Carborundum, zirconium bricks chemically bounded with synthetic resin;
  • Insulating bricks;
  • Basic and silico-aluminous refractory mortars and mixes;
  • Refractory cements ;
  • Ramming and gunning dense refractory castables;
  • Insulating refractory castables;
  • Precast synthetic products: magnesium spinel , sintercorindon.

            Physical determinations are made in all types of raw materials and refractory products mentioned above.

            Determinations are made according to the applicable rules of the European Union for compactness of refractory products (bulk density, apparent porosity, absorption capacity), cold strength (cold crushing strength, flexural), hot strength (refractoriness under load, creep), volumetric stability at high temperature (shrinkage after firing), thermal stability (thermal shock resistance), resistance to chemical corrosion.

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