TREMAG SA is the newest and most modern refractory plant in the country, and one of the most modern factories of refractory products in Romania and in Southeastern and Central Europe.

First capacities were put into operation in 1981, only imported machinery (Germany, Italy, China). In 1985-1990 were developed production capacities and in 1995 was upgraded by purchasing modern hydraulic presses high strength and capacity (Laeis-Bucher of 1600tf).

In December 2003 TREMAG was privatized with a Romanian-Slovak consortium composed of companies with tradition and specialized in the production and marketing of refractory products. Post-privatization investment program conducted over a period of 5 years has been oriented on the modernization of existing facilities, restructuring and replacement of outdated technologies, reorganization of technological flows, with an particular accent on improving the quality and the diversification of its product range of refractory products, to meet the demands of domestic market and export.

The current production profile includes a full assortment of basic refractories in generally, and especially for the metallurgical industry, and a wide range of silica-alumina bricks and monolithic products (mass, refractory cements and castables).

The ambitious program of development and diversification of the production of refractories is supported by a team of specialists of the highest qualification, the existence of well-equipped laboratories, a microproduction station and a section of "service" and technical assistance to customers.

Quality and competitiveness of products manufactured and supplied by TREMAG SA are ensured by a quality management system certified by TUV SUD Germany in accordance with SRN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and the SREN 771-1: 2003 + A1: 2005 and 12004 SREN : 2008, both issued by QUALITY CERT Romania, by a rich list of references from the customers in the country (steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, petro-chemical, lime and cement, thermal power plants, etc..) and other countries (Italy, Czech Republic, Algeria, Mexico and so on).

TREMAG S.A. together with the group RECETA are available with modern solutions and quality refractory products that meet technical and economical demands and your needs.


Convening Notice for Shareholders of S.C. TREMAG S.A. Tulcea

Board of Directors of SC TREMAG SA based in Tulcea , no.49 Taberei Street, registered with the no. J36/32/1991 at the The National Trade Office , convenes, under Article 117...

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Strategically placed, at the mouth of the Danube, right by the black sea we’re ideally located for water transport either by sea or by river.

Tremag S.A. 49 Taberei street, Tulcea, 820237, ROMANIA
RECETA Group 43, 9 Mai Street, Sector 6, Bucharest, ROMANIA